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Inventory overview

Make sure that your cart contains, the correct products. All of our products are Unisex, and can be worn
by everyone. We are updating our shop weekly, so make sure to have a look once in a while to get the 
latest products. If you have any questions for products, you can request so on our Booking page!

We will soon make it an option to design your own Kidd Kidd merchandise, so you can customize
it anyway you want. That way you will have some of the most unique merchandise pieces! Remember
to use the hashtag #kiddkiddmerchandise on social media, for a chance to be reposted on some of
Kidd Kidds social media accounts. We also host challanges/giveaways on his social media, so remember
to have a look once in a while, for a chance to win!

Check out our other merchandise our shop page!
In addition make sure to follow Kidd Kidd on all platforms!