Kidd Kidd is finally releasing his newest project “2014 Mazant Street”. The project has had a few setbacks due to the corona virus and has cause several of the music videos to be rescheduled. The project was supposed to be released May 3rd, but the day before, Kidd Kidd made a public service announcement informing that he added a new song to the project, and therefor had to push the release date to May 5th.

Since the beginning of 2020 Kidd has been in the studio fulltime to sit down and going over every track again and again, to ensure that each track was as good as it could possible be. Being a perfectionist, I wouldn’t want to miss a single detail. During his time in the studio Kidd Kidd has been released a few vlogs, so that his fans had a chance to follow him in his live session going on at the mic in the studio. While being in the studio Kidd takes time out to share a few stories about his life experience and reminisces on his childhood growing up with his Grandma.

2014 Mazant Street

Is the name of the project, but what is unknown to most people is that, this is also the address of Kidd Kidds house during most of his childhood in Mazant, New Orleans. The project name itself came from a conversation between Kidd and his son which can be heard in the intro song on the project. This inspired Kidd Kidd to make a whole project about his childhood, life experience and gave him a chance to bring of his story. In a new interview which was released a few days ago, Kidd Kidd shares a story of how the landlord used to come around his Grandmas house, after she passed away, looking for an excuse to kick them out of the house. Kidd goes on talking about how getting kicked out of the house really effected his life.

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