Kidd Kidd recently accouned on his social media that his long awaited EP Street Fame will be dropping in early 2022. As you may know or have heard this project was suppose to drop back in 2013 – 2014 when he was with 50 Cent and G-unit, but due to some politics this project was pushed back a few times. Finally it seems everything has come together and the project will be dropped next year.

We are yet to see the official tracklist for the EP but this should be announced within a few weeks, but we know that some tracks will be from his time with G-unit and some will be some new and unheard tracks.

The merchandise for the project will be available in a few days on Kidds webshop

Watch the Street Fame break down Kidd Kidd did with Fuse back in 2013

Let us know which tracks you want to see on this project below

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