Kidd Kidd – Crooks (New Single)

Jul 6, 2022

Kidd Kidd Crooks – New single!

Since the beginning of the year Kidd has been in the studio working on his new album “Street Fame”.
Through the last months he has been uploading a lot of studio material on his social media so the fans knows what to expect.
Going back a few weeks, Kidd Kidd previewed his latest single “Crooks” on his social media, letting the fans know he is not letting them down anytime soon.

Kidd Kidd decided to drop both singles back to back as a compensation for not putting any music out this year so far.
Kidd did pop out on a lot of features this year latest on the track called “SK Official” which also features Young Buck, again giving the fans what they been asking for, for years now, Kidd Kidd and Young Buck on the same track.

Make sure you tune in to Kidd Kidd’s youtube channel below and stay tuned on spotify & apple music to be one of the first one to
listen to the new singles.


More from Kidd Kidd on the way!

With his new project Street Fame, on the way, the song Crooks definitely isn’t the last you have heard from Kidd this year!
Stay tuned for more updates!

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