Kidd kidds new project “2014 Mazant street” will be dropping on May 3rd and right now, a give away is underway. Right now you have the chance to win a poster and a signed t-shirt from Kidd Kidd himself. The only thing you have to do is:

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2014 Mazant Street is the street Kidd Kidd grew up hustling. There are no features on the project because the album is his chance to tell his story. Kidd Kidd started vlogging on his Youtube channel during the recording of the album. He is talking about how he tries to keep his raps as authentic as possible – a lot of people is rapping but he reminisces.

He is also talking about how he started rapping to his partners back in the day and how he was told to tell his story and what he went through. “You need people like them around you to keep your feet grounded”. Kidd Kidd speaks about struggle. The struggle for what he went through and has seen during his life – a father who was in prison for 20 years and was gone all his childhood and a grandmother who has been providing him all his life, who sadly passed away.