Kidd Kidd On God (Official Music Video)

Yet again Kidd Kidd show and proves what it means to be a “Real One” on his track On God, which is the first track off the Real Is Rare project.
In this music video Kidd Kidd brought out his son, as a featured guest. Since Kidd Kidds son will be dropping music in 2022 just signed to Reallionaire Records

and goes by the name Lil Kidd. This due already did a track called “Stomp The Floor” which will be out on all platforms early 2022.

This visual comes out only a few weeks after Kidd Kidd decided to drop the ultimate video for his new single “Gang” which can also be seen here

Kidd Kidd recently announced that he is working on his project Street Fame!

Since with 50 Cent and G-unit, but due to politics was pushed back a few times. Street Fame will be dropping in 2022.

Check out the music video On God!


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