Kidd Kidd ft. FL Dusa – Same Shoe (New Single)

Jan 23, 2023

Kidd Kidd ft. FL Dusa – Same Shoes

Rapper, Actor and Entreprenuer Kidd Kidd just released a brand new song called “Same Shoes.” The track features Baton Rouge rapper FL Dusa. Starting the new year off strong, Kidd Kidd is proving he’s still one of the most innovative artists in music industry today. The song is a song about motivation and determination to succeed no matter the circumstances. Talking about being broke and not being comfortable in that position. Reminding the fans that he blew up a few years ago and still being better than these new rappers. “Whole Nine know me I used to be a hood rapper, I couple years back and I am better than these rappers” Referring to when he grew up in the 9th Ward in New Orleans. This is just one of many tracks to come this year as Kidd Kidd is getting everything ready for his newest album Street Fame which is expected to drop real soon!

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