Kidd Kidd To Yall From Me + tracklist

Jun 3, 2019

Kidd Kidd To Yall From Me

RLLNR Boss and Founder Kidd Kidd, just dropped a new mixtape called “To Yall From Me”.
After spending a few months in the studio, Kidd decided to drop some of his stored music, and put it out for y’all on all platforms. Kidd Kidd also announced a new album is dropping soon called “2014 Mazant Street

You can get the new project here 

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To Yall From Me – Full Track list:
1: Overdue
2: Moma Good Plates
3: Reach Out
4: Sabotage
5: High Times
6: I’m Me
7: Women Kill 2
8: Tonight
9: Life Up
10: Die 4



Kidd Kidd gave a speciel dedication to Ahlittia North on his track “Life Up”
Ahlittia North was only 6 years old, when she was stabbed to death after being raped.



Prayers go out to the Martin family..We need justice for Trayvon you heard me
My prayers especially go out to Ahlittia North
That lil girl was six years old man, she ain’t deserve that shit man, straight up



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