Kidd Kidd Vlog 1

Recently dropped his first Vlog which got recorded straight from the studio, “Real Shit 101”.
Kidd during a studio tour, showing off his studio, where he spent most of his time recording new hits everyday. He sits down to talk about stories and experience throughout his life.

The Vlog 1 is shot by “Alphaeyefilmz” who is following Kidd around the studio, during his recording session and casually being in the studio. Kidd had his son Currahn in the studio that day.

While being in the studio, Kidd Kidd showed us his liquor storage, introducing his own liquor called “Lassere“.

We get to see a live recording session from Kidd in the booth. Kidds goes of telling his fans “I try to keep my raps as authentic as possible. Alot of people are rapping, I reminisce. I started rapping to my partners and if I was saying some shit that they know I never done or we never did they would say “nigga stop fucking lying” you need people like them around you to keep your feet grounded.”

Watch the video below! – Vlog 2 is coming soon!


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