Kidd Kidd – Vlog 2 – Live from the studio

The part two of Kidd Kidd’s studio VLOG tour continues.
As always the N.O rapper ‘Peanut’ talking about old times flipping ounces of weed starting with a 100$ and at the end of the day he could easily hustle his way to 500$.

Kidd Kidd is seeing in the studio spitting and reviewing some of his bars for an upcoming track.

‘Still got that money on my mind frame
when i’m out the country we aint on the same time frame
just because i’m breaking all these hundreds, don’t mean that i changed
people ’bout these money, imma need mine my friday’

Talking about rappers and features, Kidd Kidd willing to work with everyone. ‘No matter what it is, it could a regular, you send me a feature, imma send it back the same day. That is just how i am, im probally just being different’

Kidd Kidd being the perfectionist he is, always looking back at old songs. As he says ‘Songs are never finished, you can always find an old unreleased song and do something ’bout that beat’

If you didn’t catch the first part of the Vlog check it out down below:



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