Kidd Kidd Real Is Rare + Tracklist

Meanwhile Kidd Kidd just announced that his newest project Real Is Rare is dropping on September 20th.

However In 2020 Kidd dropped his album “2014 Mazant Street” which got the attention of an even broader fan group all around the world. Therefore this year 2021 Kidd Kidd has been in the studio making sure that Real Is Rare would turn out exactly how he wanted it. As the perfectionist he is, he spent alot of hours editing, adding and planning this new release.

Therefore Real Is Rare is an exploration of all the importantly special characteristics that make up a truly talented individual. Therefore with the visuals however for a couple of the breakout singles and a sound that demands attention, “Real is Rare” is sure to put Kidd Kidd on the map.

“For example sounds like somebody nowadays, and there are only a few original artists out there,” Kidd Kidd said. “I’m one of those. I’ve my own style. I give you real. I give you raw. And I got bars – real bars. Being authentic and original and just being me is what my music is all about.”

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