Kidd Kidd Mislead (Official Music Video)

Kidd Kidd Mislead

Its 2020 and Kidd Kidd dropped his newest album “2014 Mazant Street” back in May. Since the album dropped, he has been releasing multiple visuals from the project.

This time he dropped “Mislead” which is the story about his time being with Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. The whole project is full of stories from Kidd Kidds childhood living in New Orleans on 2014 Mazant Street. People were confused about the titel, since they associated it with the year 2014. But this has nothing to do with the project itself, this was his address.


New visual

Another visual off the 2014 Mazant Street album! Kidd Kidd talks about old times. All the way back to 2008-09. Where he first was on the track ‘Mrs Officer’ with Lil Wayne which was the 4th single off Lil Waynes album ‘Tha Carter III’

Kidd Kidd signed to Cash Money Records, throughout the time Kidd Kidd didn’t really got payed when staying with Cash Money Records, after seeing the ‘Bigger picture’ and getting known instead trying to collect his share.

Later on the group split and all the loyal fans kept asking him why he wasn’t with Cash Money Records no more.

Kidd Kidd talks about getting signed to G-Unit Records, after doing the two EP’s ‘The Beast is G-Unit’ and ‘The Beauty of Independence’ throughout that time, Kidd Kidd never got paid to for the two EP’s with G-Unit.

At the Freshman XXL Class concert, he was later on arrested. 50 Cent were quick to bail him out for $50.000 and came up to Kidd Kidd, telling him that we had to pay it out his own pocket.

At the end of the song Kidd Kidd quotes ‘When you run out of paper they gonna leave ya, but once you come back up bitchers catch amnesia’ meaning that, no one wanna hang with you if you not rich or popular. But now that he’s rising people slowly are coming back, having second thoughts.

Watch the video below!
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Kidd Kidd Responds To Being Removed From 50 Cent’s ‘We Up’

Kidd Kidd Responds To Being Removed From 50 Cent’s ‘We Up’

Kidd Kidd was originally a founding piece in the earliest days of the Young Money Cash Money merger,
alongside Lil Wayne as a part of the rap group Sqad Up in 1999. After Sqad Up’s public break in 2004,
Kidd Kidd continued collaborating with Young Money artists and would finally end up signing to
G-Unit/Rida Gang in 2011.

Early 2013

Year 2013 Kidd got included, then dropped the G-Unit boss 
50 Cent’s latest single “We Up” also featuring Compton, California star sensation Kendrick Lamar.
Speaking to HipHopDX, the New Orleans rapper took his recent difficulties in stride with an emphasis
on staying positive.

On his removal from “We Up,” Kidd said: “The first thing I want to tell to people is that it wasn’t a 50 Cent decision. A lot of people come and they be like, ‘Yo, 50 Cent took you off the song,’ it wasn’t no 50 Cent decision.


That’s what it is, it’s all politics you know what I’m sayin’, the game is politics. Right now just a blessing to even be brought up in that same conversation because the song is a great song, it’s a blessing to even just be a part of that. It is what it is, you keep moving forward. It’s not like that’s the only good song in the world.”


Kidd Kidd was quick to remind listeners in his recent rendition of Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.”— that “We Up”
not the first hit song he’s been removed from, rapping: “On ‘Forever track wit’ Drake first, but you
ain’t even know been off a few hit songs, learned you gotta keep goin’” in reference to his original
feature on Drake’s song “Forever.” with Lil Wayne

You can check out Kidds verse off the song below.

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Kidd Kidd Talks About Leaving G-Unit

Kidd Kidd Talks About Leaving G-Unit

Dismissing rumors of any beef or conflicts with Leaving G-Unit prior to his departure, Kidd Kidd says he’s just doing him right now and felt the need to make the move for his own career, but hopes that the fans can understand. “Once a person sees you moving on your own, they act like you can’t boss up because 50’s boss,” he says. “I know I’m Kidd Kidd, but I’m still a man.”

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments what you think about his decision.

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