Kidd Kidd – Rappers Worst Nightmare

In 2015 Kidd Kidd dropped the mixtape “Rappers Worst Nightmare” after being asked numerous times by fans for a new project. This project was such a succes, so Kidd decided to drop a visual for some of his personal favorite tracks off the project. This project contains 12 songs and has features from artists like “Rida James, Elz Montana and Gunna”. This project was also a way for Kidd Kidd to show the people some of his favorite beats.

The video is directed by Chris Zino and contains the songs ‘Ready or Not’ – ‘Can i live’ and ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ The video is created in a crossover with Kidd Kidd and his long time partner ‘Teedy’ – the video is shot during Rapfest.

Hustle or Hate



Can’t deal

Fuked Over



Count on my Hand

Peanut from Mazant

Save a Block for me

On Some Shit

No Commercial

2 Heaters

Fuk Da fame

I Am

Fake Friends

The Reallionaire

Crack Rock

Neva Stop


Better Walk

Big Bankroll


Another Day

The Game

Lord Have Mercy


New Jack City

The Weak and Strong

Mr. Rogers

10 Bands

New Warleans

Bitch Dont Blow My High

Happy Sad

I’m a G


Die For