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Working with Drake

Kidd Kidd was one of the first artists to be on Drakes track “Forever” Rumors has it that it was leaked, but Kidd tells he was with Drake and Lil Wayne when the album dropped with the songs included, such as ‘I can take your girl’ – ‘Stunt Hard’ and ‘My Nigga’.
All the songs are featured on Kidd Kidd’s album ‘New Kid On The Block’ which was released back in 2009.
Kidd mentioned the following after meeting Drake ‘ He’s a cool dude, and humble. I’ve got nothing more than respect for him’ In an interview with Jack Thriller, Kidd Kidd was asked if he ever thought Drake, was gonna be at the point he’s at today. – Kidd Kidd never doubted him a second ‘He was doing his thing, when you heard the music you already knew, this shit’s hot! – Just look at him now’

XXL Freshman 2015

Back in 2015 Kidd Kidd was featured on XXL Freshmen cover. Kidd Kidd went on to do a cypher with K Camp, Tink, and Raury.
In the weeks leading to the voting dates, Kidd Kidd went to drop some new music in order to get more votes. He dropped a few freestyles ‘From Nothin’, ’10 Bands’ & ‘Juicy’ to name a few. Weeks before the voting started which was March 16 – 2015 – Kidd eventually won the 10th spot on a fan-voted last spot, and he ended up getting on the magazine and you could say that his hard work had paid off.

Signed to Def Jam

In the period from 2005 – 2007 while being in the Squad up they got the chance to meet up With Jay-Z, former Def Jam President.
It ended up being an unexpected meeting, when he came up and told them ‘Let me hear y’all’ – everyone ran around to find their songs to play, but Jay-Z wanted the real deal and asked them to perform in front of him, at that time the group eventually signed a record deal with Def Jam to put an upcoming album out.
The group was signed to Def Jam for a few months, at the time the group was flown out to New York, as Kidd Kidd’s first time flying first class, coming from the hood. After some time being signed to Def Jam, the group eventually broke up parting ways.

Signed to Young Money

Kidd was back in early 2000s signed to Young Money Records,
through Hip Hop group Sqad Up. The group was from New Orleans
Louisiana, and consisted of the following members – Lil Wayne,
Gudda Gudda, T-Streets, Raw Dizzy, Young Yo, Sha Tura, Fee Banks,
Supa Blanco as well as Kidd himself, with Ray Smoove as the in
house producer. 

The group eventually split back in late 2000s and parted ways.

Co-Signed to G-Unit Records

Back in 2011 Kidd co-signed to G-Unit records, when rap mogul 50 Cent expanded the G-Unit roster. Fifty heard about Kidd Kidd after his appearance on the track “Better Walk” which ended up as 50 Cent and Kidd Kidd first featured track. Since than Kidd Kidd has been making appearances on the following G-unit projects “Beauty Of Independence”, “The Beast Is G-unit”, “Animal Ambition”, “The Big 10”, “The Lost Tape” and many more.
In 2018 Kidd Kidd chose to part ways from the group to focus on his own RLLNR Records Ent.
Without having any disputes with G-unit.

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